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  • Tas Tudor

Leave the Pit of Tech Hacks

So you have been building your business, used the accounting system that was recommended or offered the best deal at the time. It has served you pretty well with some hacks. The business grew and you had to bolt on numerous systems to overcome these hacks. But this is becoming unwieldy, inefficient and costly. But more importantly, you are not getting real data to make truly informed and timely decisions.

This is a common story.

Can you believe that being in this situation, while it may seem bad, can actually be good! It is an opportunity to "audit" your business and drive change. The opportunity in front of you is to discover inefficiencies, costly monthly subscriptions or onsite servers and tools, and potential growth because of siloed data. It has been said that only 2% of data is actually used to assist decision making.

It is time to end the data mess!

The old adage, People, Process and Customer stands true when looking to implement a digitisation improvement project. Lead with a philosophy that data is the fuel. The team needs to be thinking and gaining an understanding of the data - with a focus on quality and timeliness. This places the adaptable tools to extract data at the forefront of your successful and evolving business.

A successful journey through the mud of hacks should consider:

  1. How much it is costing you per month, quarter and year (actual cost, sunk costs and inefficiencies)

  2. The mapping of processes and data flows

  3. Workshopping with staff - this gets great buy-in and increases discovery

  4. Identifying opportunities with customers - survey them, whether formally or informally

  5. Document and get buy-in from stakeholders

  6. Data governance and security

  7. Develop a strategy

  8. If required, bite the bullet for new tools or IoT devices, capture that valuable data

  9. Continual reviews and don't lose sight of the big picture

This is just a taste of an extensive look into your business. Continually opening the door into your business will shorten the time you may find yourself in the "Mud of Tech Hacks".

Every business is different and has its own unique needs. Having a flexible system that captures your data to end the data mess, will see you achieve your business goals, improve your customer satisfaction, drive revenue, remove inefficiencies and save money.

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